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    Over the last 30 years we have earned a reputation of helping clients solve both routine and challenging problems to successfully achieve project objectives.

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Our Services.

With over three decades of experience, our expertise can greatly assist clients in defining and implementing solutions to the projects that they are involved in. We aim to provide thoroughly researched and professionally delivered solutions and work frequently with software developers and/or experts in the relevant fields.

Industrial Communications

Hands-on experience of industrial automation and controls. Whether over Serial or TCP, from proprietary to ZigBee, Modbus, DDS & MQTT, we speak your protocol.


Digital experience, such as online shopping and mobile apps, are now a standard part of daily life. Emergent technologies such as 3D and immersive platforms present growth opportunities.

Software Design

Robust and flexible implementations, prototyping, pure technical innovation. We will happily address new business models, IT architecture shift, new business process applications or data integration services.


With trend analytics you stay relevant and on target through shifting tech landscapes. From IoT to data monetisition, better retention and faster observation provide visualisations that present concepts in real time.

Who We Are.

Whatever the nature of your business, however straightforward or complex your objectives, we can help you. We have a great breadth of knowledge with decades of experience and our in-depth attention to detail serves as a major asset in any project, no matter how diverse.

Our Process.

Our processes are defined by the level of unique business requirements that are specific to each of our clients. 4A1 has proven time and again that its mission is a sustainable and rewarding value proposition to both clients and employees.

Strategic Approach

Short-term cuts can sometimes be penny wise and pound foolish. Long term improvements require more balanced strategic requirements.


Technology is a critical enabler of business transformation and growth. Correctly identifying potential effectiveness issues helps enable successful implementation with rigorous, disciplined and smooth-running solutions. Gain the competitive advantage by allowing your business to innovate and develop products at a faster pace.

Maintained Focus

Technology should support your business strategy, not constrain it. We focus on your strategic business needs in order to determine the tech capabilities needed to support your long term project goals.

  • We understand real world problems, and how to solve them.

  • And we know that every customer has special requirements and needs.

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